Andrew Cuomo Emerges As Heartfelt Voice Of Coronavirus Reason. Trump, Not So Much.

The New York governor talked of love. The president bashed a reporter.

This week, Americans glued to press briefings have seen two prominent U.S. political leaders with strikingly different personalities talking about the same thing — the coronavirus pandemic — in a dramatically different manner.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been straightforward, calm, lecturing. President Donald Trump has been scattershot, boastful and angry.

The Recount political site did a mashup of scenes from the men’s very different presentations. The clips don’t provide much of the information delivered, but do dramatically reveal the stark contrast between the executives’ tone and personality. Check it out above. As Trump lashes out at a reporter, Cuomo talks about love.

The Associated Press on Friday deemed Cuomo the “Democratic counter” to Trump’s coronavirus response.

Cuomo’s briefings on the battle against the pandemic have triggered a surprise outpouring of support for the third-term governor many take for granted. Even Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has grudgingly admitted “my governor, Andrew Cuomo ... is keeping us well informed.”

Cuomo and Trump have been at loggerheads over the coronavirus. After a “good” teleconference with governors on Monday, it was Cuomo Trump singled out for criticism, saying he has to “do more.”

Trump had told the governors it was up to them to find medical supplies such as ventilators and protective gear for health care workers amid a dangerously inadequate supply. “No,” Cuomo tweeted back. “YOU have to do something! You’re supposed to be the president!”

But Cuomo said on “Morning Joe” on Thursday that he had spoken with the president and told him: “You step up, you help my state, you help my people, you help this country, and I will put my hand out in partnership 100% because politics be darned right now, right?”

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