Andrew Cuomo Is Not Returning Carl Paladino's Calls

Carl Paladino Hasn't Conceded Yet

Andrew Cuomo's a tough man to reach. So much so that Carl Paladino still hasn't made a successful concession call to the governor-elect. The New York Times reports:

He tried to make the call the night of the election, but he could not get through.
He gave it a shot the next day. No luck.
On Day 3, he more or less gave up.

Clearly the outcome of the election is not being disputed--both Paladino and Cuomo gave their respective speeches (one more entertaining than the other). But according to the Paladino camp, Cuomo hasn't returned Carl's calls.

Graciousness is not the defining feature of politics, to be sure, and the relationship between the two men could be best described as strained, but the Times makes sure to rule out technical difficulties:

It does not appear Mr. Cuomo's cellphone is broken: He has found time in the last 24 hours to speak with President Obama.

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