Andrew Cuomo's Mom Makes Special Mother's Day Appearance During Daily Briefing

The New York governor celebrated his mom and took a swipe at his brother Chris Cuomo in the process.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) made Mother’s Day special for his mom despite being unable to see her in person due to social distancing.

The governor of the state hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic took a moment during his daily briefing on Sunday to celebrate his mother Matilda Cuomo, whom he invited to appear via video conference. 

“Today is about love and showing love and expressing it and appreciation for our mothers,” Cuomo said, explaining that due to his high risk of exposure to the virus, he could not see his mother in person. His daughters Michaela, who was present, and Cara and Mariah who dialed in, also wished a happy Mother’s Day to their grandmother.

“Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mom. I miss you. I love you so so much,” the governor said. “I wish I could be with you but I can’t be, but I can’t be because I love you.”

Cuomo couldn’t let his mother sign off without dropping at least one quip that he was “the favorite,” which he’d also joked about on Twitter:

Matilda Cuomo was married to former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo and they shared five children, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who overcame a coronavirus infection after testing positive in late March. The two prominent New York brothers have kept up a playful sibling rivalry in the past few months, amusing viewers with their banter during interviews on Chris Cuomo’s show “Cuomo Prime Time.”

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