Andrew Garfield 'Would Love' If Donald Trump Saw His New Film, '99 Homes'

Not that he would agree.

Andrew Garfield would like Donald Trump to see his upcoming film based on  the American foreclosure crisis, "99 Homes."

In an interview with Ricky Camilleri on "What to Watch," Garfield discussed the way Trump, known for his dealings in expensive real estate, is disconnected from the realities the movie portrays.

"The way that the system is set up, and the way that we all just kind of take it as rote at this point," Garfield said, "it's this hierarchical kind of … You know, Donald Trump saying 'Well, if you work as hard as me, you can be a multibillionaire too.' It's like, 'Well ... '"

Garfield doesn't think, however, that the film would change Trump's views.

"I would love him to see it. I'm sure he would say, 'Well, they all made their beds.'"

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