Andrew Garfield Says There's 'So Much Love' Between Him And Emma Stone

These two are the best exes in Hollywood.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone may just be the friendliest exes on the planet.

On this week’s episode of Vanity Fair’s “Little Gold Men” podcast, Garfield spoke about his past romantic relationship with the “La La Land” star, noting, “We care about each other so much, and that’s a given, that’s kind of this unconditional thing.”

“There’s so much love between us and so much respect,” he added. “I’m her biggest fan as an artist. So for me, it’s been bliss to be able to watch her success and watch her bloom into the actress that she is. And it’s also been wonderful to have that kind of support for each other. It’s nothing but a beautiful thing.”

Our favorite (former) Hollywood couple.
Our favorite (former) Hollywood couple.
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Both Stone and Garfield have spoken about their feelings for one another since they split in 2015, making us yearn for the days when they used to walk red carpets and stare lovingly at each other.

In an interview with Vogue last year, which was published in the October 2016 issue, Stone admitted Garfield is “someone I still love very much.” Meanwhile, in December of that year, Garfield revealed Stone was the one person he’d want to be stranded on an island with.

These two are serious #relationshipgoals, and they’re not even together.

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