Andrew Garfield Sings 'Spider-Man' Theme On The 'Tonight Show' As Jimmy Fallon Plays Tambourine

Andrew Garfield Absolutely KILLS The 'Spider-Man' Theme

Looks like Andrew Garfield is as deft with the strings of a guitar as he is with the threads of Spider-Man's web-shooter. The actor performed a mean version of the theme to the classic "Spider-Man" cartoon on Thursday's "Tonight Show."

Host Jimmy Fallon even broke out a tambourine and played along as The Roots joined in.

Not bad, Andrew.

"Spider-Man 2," starring Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx, hits theaters today.

The theme to the old Saturday morning cartoon has been covered before, notably by Michael Bublé, Aerosmith and the Ramones.

Enjoy that last one below:

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