Andrew Garfield: Spiderman Costume First Look (PHOTO)

Andrew Garfield has donned the Spiderman tights.

Cast as the new Peter Parker in the reboot of the Spiderman film franchise, Garfield plays a younger Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire, who crawled the walls in the three Sam Raimi-directed films.

In December, Garfield spoke to the British newspaper the Guardian, talking about his extreme workout routine to get into shape to play the role -- and his childlike excitement to take on the mantle of the hero.

"I feel like a kid in my pajamas," he laughed. "I don't take it lightly and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to wear spandex for the next few months.

With great power comes great responsibility.

The image was released by Sony Pictures, who will release the film on July 3, 2012.