Andrew Garfield Grapples With The Point Of Interviews And Celebrity


"Why the fuck am I doing this?" 

That's the question Andrew Garfield asked during an interview with Vulture reporter Kyle Buchanan while promoting his latest film "99 Homes," about a father who struggles to get back the home his family was evicted from because of a greedy real estate mogul. 

"Coming in today to do interviews, I’m like, Why?" he revealed. "I know that I’m an actor and it's part of the job, and I feel lucky I get to do that, but with the interviews, it’s such a weird thing. What do I have to say?" 

Garfield actually had a lot to say, about inaction ("I just suddenly feel like my head is wrapped in cellophane. How do we wake up, how do I wake up, what do I do?") and the complexities of stardom ("I’m still fucked up in my own ways, and insecure, and scared, and don’t really know who I am."). He isn't sure just how much to reveal to the world.  

"My priority is the work, and the work is dependent on people not knowing very much about me," he said. "So where’s the balance? Where’s the line that I have to walk, and we all have to walk? Because I do want to make a difference in the world, I really do, and that’s a really cheesy thing to want."

The problematic nature of celebrity culture is something Garfield has brought up in other recent interviews. While speaking with The Daily Beast, he testified against being anyone's idol. 

“It goes back to this false worship thing. Being on the receiving end of that is what really tips me over the edge. That’s what made me really go, ‘We’re fucked.’ Because if you’re looking up to me in a way that’s unnatural, then you’re looking in the wrong place.”


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