Andrew Jenks' 'It's About A Girl' Episode 6

"It's About A Girl" is a new web series from filmmaker Andrew Jenks, charting the experience of looking for love in your twenties -- and what happens when your expectations don't quite match up to reality. A new episode will be posted here on HuffPost Women each week.

During the sixth chapter of Andrew Jenks' "It's About A Girl" our nameless protagonist's fantasy relationship gets serious. He and his girlfriend look at a drop-dead gorgeous apartment (one that the vast majority of twenty-somethings in New York City could never afford to rent), and they seem blissfully happy in their potential new home. In reality, our protagonist finds that visiting a new person's apartment can be fraught with anxiety.

In a Q&A with The Huffington Post, Jenks lamented the challenges of finding a romantic connection in New York City. "I’ll tell you what, it is really hard to meet women," he said. "I don’t know how people do it."

Watch the full episode above, and check back for the seventh installment.



Stills From Andrew Jenks' "It's About A Girl"