Andrew Kozak, Local Weatherman, Improvises Forecast When Computers Fail (VIDEO)

When technical difficulties arise on live television, hosts have two choices: freeze up (see: Golden Globes), or make do. Thankfully for the Internet, weatherman Andrew Kozak decided to make do, and the results were adorable.

Television meteorologists generally use green screens and computers to give viewers their daily weather predictions, so when the weather computers at Good Day Tulsa stopped working, Kozak scrambled to create another visual component to his weather forecast. “I just saw some pieces of paper and markers and thought, 'Well, I might as well just draw the graphics,'" Kozak told ABC News. The illustrations took him about 90 minutes to complete, CNET reported, and Kozak even went so far as to include sponsors' logos on his drawings.

The video is now going viral, and Kozak is overwhelmed by all of the attention. "Never thought a computer malfunction and an impromptu doodle would lead to such coverage!" he tweeted Wednesday.



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