Florida Man Forks Over $944 To Pay Off Town's School Lunch Debt

Andrew Levy's donation means hundreds of kids in Jupiter schools can get full meals again.

A generous Florida real estate agent has turned over $944 to pay off all the school lunch debt in the town of Jupiter.

And his generosity is apparently inspiring others.

Andrew Levy’s contribution means that 430 children in the Jupiter area’s nine public schools can again have full meals. Under county rules, elementary students who rack up debt for unpaid meals have their entree replaced with a turkey and cheese sandwich. High school students get a cheese sandwich.

Levy said he was startled to learn about the situation.

“Food is something that you shouldn’t have to think about,” Levy told CBS-4 TV.  “Children shouldn’t have to learn hungry. These children that were in debt were going to either not eat or they would get just cheese sandwiches, and I thought that’s crazy.”

(Watch his interview in the video above.)

Levy wrote about his decision on Facebook, and other people responded when he asked how donations could help elsewhere in Palm Beach County, where Jupiter is located, and beyond.

The county has a page on its website explaining how people can help students, who owe a total of $51,000 in school lunch debt. So far this year, people have contributed $8,600. Levy said he’s now considering holding annual fundraisers to erase the debt.