Andrew Lincoln Reveals He Cried Over That Epic 'Walking Dead' Speech

Warning: "Walking Dead" spoilers!

With all the deaths on "Walking Dead," it's easy to get emotional from time to time. But Andrew Lincoln recently revealed that he completely lost it over something entirely different.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lincoln says he broke down reading Rick Grimes' epic "We are the walking dead" speech from Sunday's episode. Lincoln says the speech reminded him of a time when he spoke with someone he was fighting with, and the words just connected with him:

It almost had the same speech, so it resonated on a really, really profoundly, deep, familial level. I remember when I read it, I just cried. When I read the script I couldn’t…because I always to tend to read my words out loud and I just couldn’t. I got something caught in my throat when I read this speech. It’s just a very bold episode and I hope we got it right.

The latest episode, "Them," was an emotional march for the survivors as they dealt with the latest major deaths on their way to Washington, D.C. In addition, the episode introduced us to Aaron, the show's previously teased gay character, and also someone from the comics.

Unfortunately for Lincoln, if the rest of this season continues to get "back to a version of some stories from the comics," as actor Josh McDermitt says, even more emotional moments are ahead.

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