'Walking Dead' Star Andrew Lincoln Is Reportedly Leaving The Series

Fans say "there's no show without him."

Numerous reports are saying that Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes, is leaving AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” 

Collider reports Lincoln will be gone by the end of season 9, and that he’ll be appearing in about six episodes of the season.

Lincoln’s character has been the show’s protagonist since the first episode. With Lincoln’s departure, Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon is poised to take on an even larger role.

A source told US Weekly that Reedus “negotiated a $20 million paycheck to stay on” the show.

As for how fans are feeling about all of this, here’s what Twitter had to say:

In addition to Lincoln, there have also been murmurings that Lauren Cohan, aka Maggie Greene, will leave this season as well. While it was confirmed she’d be back for season 9, she’ll supposedly appear in only six episodes.

AMC declined HuffPost’s request for comment on the show.

We’re suddenly in fear for “The Walking Dead” for reasons totally unrelated to zombies...

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