MLB Star Andrew McCutchen Reveals What It's Really Like Inside A Baseball Brawl

Giants star outfielder takes you inside fight night with the Dodgers.

What’s it like to be inside a Major League Baseball brawl?

Andrew McCutchen of the San Francisco Giants provided an outfielder’s perspective on what happens when game night turns into fight night after his team tussled with the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday. 

It’s a different kind of all-star performance from the five-time MLB All-Star: 

McCutchen may be as good with a camera as he is with a bat and glove. Here he is in 2015 talking about what it’s like to have an overeager waiter constantly refilling your water glass: 

A few months later, he shared the sequel: 

And here he is with a pitch-perfect impression of Cleveland Brown from “Family Guy” and “The Cleveland Show.”