Fox News Legal Analyst Pulls No Punches: Trump Is 'Prepared To Commit A Felony'

Andrew Napolitano says the president would be committing a crime if he accepted an offer of dirt on a rival from a foreign power.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said there’s not much room for interpretation when it comes to President Donald Trump’s claim that he’d “listen” if a foreign power offered dirt on a political rival.

“He would be committing a felony,” Napolitano told host Shepard Smith on Thursday.

Trump this week said “there’s nothing wrong with listening” to dirt on an opponent, no matter what the source.

“They have information,” he said in an ABC interview. “I think I’d take it.”

Napolitano said that would be a crime, and there’s “no wiggle room” as the Federal Election Commission has in previous cases decided that opposition research is considered a “thing of value.”

Under the law, a candidate can’t receive anything of value from a foreign national related to a U.S. election.

And that means Trump would be committing a crime.

“The president of the United States of America is prepared to commit a felony to get reelected,” he said. “That was my reaction, and it was not a happy one.”

Napolitano also said that whoever gives the president that info would also be committing a felony:

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