Man Who Faked Seizures To Get Free Food Sentenced To 5 Years

Who ordered the seizure salad?

For years, Andrew Palmer scammed Baltimore bars and restaurants by ordering fancy meals and expensive drinks, then faking seizures.

Now the only bars he'll be visiting are jail bars.

Palmer, 47, was sentenced on Friday to five years in jail for charges stemming from an incident last October when he racked up at an $89 tab at a restaurant called Oliver Speck's, CBS Baltimore reports.

When it came time to pay the bill, Palmer faked a medical emergency.

Not very well, according to employee Cari Fisher.

"I thought it was fake from the very beginning," Fisher told the station. "He was giving me the finger while he was seizing."

Court records say that on the way to the hospital, he suddenly sat up and said, "I have no money to pay for my food and beers so I was faking," according to

Although the restaurant tab that Palmer tried to avoid paying was less than $100, Baltimore City State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein decided to throw the book -- not a menu -- at the dine-and-dasher because his restaurant-ripoff rap sheet listed 90 arrests.

"When you have prior convictions like this, it subjects you to enhanced penalties," Bernstein said, according to Barstool Sports. Palmer was on probation at the time of the last arrest and faces an additional five years on that charge.

Palmer's dine-and-dash scams reportedly ranged from Virginia to Florida, but his reputation was so legendary in Baltimore that his photograph was posted behind the bar at hundreds of establishments, according to the Baltimore Sun.

"I had it ingrained in my head what he looked like, and I showed his picture to everyone here." Karin Tiffany, the co-owner of Peter's Inn in Fells Point, Maryland, told the paper.