Andrew Pilkington, Student With Cerebral Palsy, Edits Feature-Length Film With Nose And Feet (VIDEO)

Andrew Pilkington wants to be a professional film director one day -- and his dream is pretty close to coming true.

According to HoopLaHa.com, Pilkington, who is currently attending the University of Rhode Island, has already finished his first feature-length movie. This would be a difficult feat for any teenager, but Pilkington had even larger obstacles to overcome than his peers: The teen was born with cerebral palsy, which means he cannot fully use his fingers or arms.

Instead, he utilized computer technology and edited the film with just his nose and feet. He's also written a feature-length screenplay using this same strategy -- with his nose -- and currently acts as the president of his own media company.

Watch his incredible story in the video above and share your reactions in the comments below.



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