Andrew Romanoff On Hardball: Matthews Grills Candidate On Fundraising (VIDEO)

WATCH: Andrew Romanoff Play Hardball

A few days after selling his home (and a few other assets) Colorado Senate candidate appeared on Hardball to discuss his Democratic primary race against Michael Bennet.

Host Chris Matthews grilled Romanoff on his pledge to not take money from PAC's. The famously combative host was not satisfied to hear that the candidate wasn't taking PAC money. Matthews wanted Romanoff's assurance that he wasn't taking money from employees of certain unspecified industries either. "We couldn't figure out a way to fund the campaign if we turned down contributions from anyone who had a job," Romanoff coyly responded. This prompted a stern retort from Matthews, who said "you don't have to get sarcastic with me."

Matthews continued his firm, somewhat absurd line of questioning by asking Romanoff whether he was still technically a Colorado resident after selling his house.

Matthews later insisted the question was a joke.


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