Andrew Schneeweis, CSU Freshman, Scores Year's Worth Of Free Tuition With Half-Court Shot (VIDEO)

The only thing sweeter than scoring a nothing-but-net shot from the half-court mark is having it pay for free tuition -- and in front of a cheering crowd of thousands on the very first try.

Colorado State University freshman Andrew Schneeweis, 19, was randomly selected to try making a half-court shot for one year's worth of free tuition as part of a welcome back to school event. Schneeweis, who told KDVR he only plays basketball occasionally with his friends, was given three tries but he only ended up needing one.

“Once I let go of the ball, I knew it was in," Schneeweis told KDVR. "I knew it was going to go in. I have to say that was pretty lucky."

As the ball climbed a perfect arc and swished into the net, the crowd erupted, jumping to their feet and Schneeweis pumped his fists in the air.

Schneeweis called it his "tuition shot" on Twitter and tweeted his thanks to the CSU coaches who are covering the cost of his $9,266 in-state tuition this year.

Tom Hilbert, CSU's head volleyball coach said it was "worth every penny," and CSU's head football coach Jim McElwain tweeted a video of the shot at ESPN's Sports Center:

Watch video of the tuition shot below: