Ex-Prosecutor Warns Of ‘Enormous Way’ Trump’s Latest Legal Move Will Backfire

Andrew Weissmann delivered a damning prediction for the former president.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann on Tuesday explained why Donald Trump’s latest attempt to have his classified documents case dismissed will fail.

The former president’s legal team has claimed he is being selectively prosecuted.

But the Republican front-runner’s case regarding the retention of top secret documents after he left the White House is wildly different from the one involving President Joe Biden, Weissmann pointed out to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace.

Biden cooperated with handing the materials back and was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by special counsel Robert Hur.

But with Trump, “it was over and over and over again” that he was asked to return them. “There was no question that it was intentional for months and months and then, on top of that, obstruction,” Weissmann said.

Special counsel Jack Smith, who investigated Trump’s case, himself has said the two cases are stunningly different.

Weissmann predicted “the enormous way” Trump’s new filing “is going to backfire.”

He said, “This is going to be denied.”

He later added, “There is no way that this is going to be viewed as selective prosecution.”

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