Ex-Prosecutor Burns Donald Trump With 1 Biting Question About Latest Legal Moves

Andrew Weissmann said the former president’s efforts “really signal” one thing.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann asked a damning question of Donald Trump following the former president’s latest unsuccessful efforts to delay the start of his upcoming criminal hush money trial.

Trump has sought to postpone the proceedings, which are due to begin on April 15, by demanding a change of the trial venue and also urging Judge Juan Merchan to recuse himself.

Those actions “really signal” how much Trump “does not want the public to see the facts at a trial,” Weissmann told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Monday.

Trump already knows exactly what the evidence against him will be, Weissmann explained. “If he is so innocent, if this is such a witch hunt, why is he doing everything to avoid clearing his name?” he asked.

“The trial is one where the government has the burden,” Weissmann noted. “The government has to reach the highest standard that we have in the law, proof beyond a reasonable doubt to a unanimous jury.”

He added that Trump is “doing everything, kicking and screaming, to make sure that the public does not get to see the facts.”

Watch Weissmann’s full analysis here:

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