Andrew Yang Gets Shoutout From Chance The Rapper After Busting 'Cupid Shuffle' Moves

Chance said the "confidence" of the 2020 candidate's "head bob" just "mighta made me #YangGang."

Who knew Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang could rock the “Cupid Shuffle” in a Jazzercise class? Even Chance the Rapper was impressed.

Before a campaign meeting Thursday in Beaufort, South Carolina, with the Black Chamber of Commerce and the mayor, Yang popped in to say hello at a Jazzercise class in the building. When asked to join in, he stepped up, and a viral video (posted by Politico reporter Michael Kruse) was born.

Yang’s campaign manager Zach Graumann insisted on Twitter that “no one is having more fun” on the campaign trail than Yang.

As for Chance the Rapper, the “confidence of that head bob ... mighta made me #YangGang,” he tweeted.

Yang responded that he’d “love that.”

Yang, who’s making ripples, is polling eighth in a crowded field of Democratic presidential contenders. His support has already qualified him for a slot in the next debate in September.