Andrew Young On Oprah: John Edwards Sex Tape Details (VIDEO)

Andrew Young was on Oprah to talk about his book "The Politician" about his life and the lies of John Edwards, and Oprah asked about the sex tape.

Young's wife told Oprah that the sex tape was her security, and implied that it showed John Edwards performing oral sex on Rielle Hunter.

When Oprah asked what was on the tape, Andrew wouldn't say what the tape showed, but his wife Cheri piped up.

"I won't give any fine details, but I'll tell you yes, he is naked. He is performing sexual acts. The woman is holding the camera. He is aware he is being tape."

Oprah remarked, "I thought: 'you have got to be out of your mind to be running for the presidency of the United States and have someone film you having sex.' Out of your MIND."

Cheri later added, "That sex tape was my security... At least I had something to prove what had happened."