Andrew Young To Prison: Former John Edwards Aide And Wife Ordered To Jail Over Sex Tape

On Tuesday, former John Edwards aide Andrew Young and his wife Cheri were ordered to spend up to 75 days in jail for contempt of court. The contempt charge stems from the couple's handling of an alleged sex tape filmed during Edwards' campaign featuring the former presidential candidate and his mistress Rielle Hunter.

Hunter sued Young for possession of the purported sex tape, which Young claims involves Edwards performing oral sex on a pregnant Hunter. The judge handling the case, Abraham Penn Jones, now believes that the Youngs are withholding relevant items from the court including additional copies of the tape, ABC News reported.

The missing footage was not the only troubling aspect of the case for Jones. Hunter's lawyers have accused Young of "dozens of lies," and Jones agreed there were certain inconsistencies to Young's story. "I don't want to lock them up, but the pattern is really painful to me," Jones said, according to the AP. "I can't get my gut to rest right now." According to Raleigh News and Observer, Jones added, "there were things told to the court under oath, in affidavits, in testimony that turned out to be inaccurate. Right now, part of me says they didn't tell me the truth before in this court."

The Youngs were not immediately placed in custody.

This isn't the only legal trouble Young is facing -- Edwards' estranged wife Elizabeth is considering suing Young for alienation of affection for his role in covering up Edwards' affair with Hunter on the campaign trail. Meanwhile, according to the National Enquirer, his former boss is likely to be indicted by a federal grand jury in the near future.