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Andrew Zimmern: '99 Percent Of Food Shows Are Crap' (VIDEO)

Tell us how you really feel, Andrew.

When it comes to food, it takes a lot to turn Andrew Zimmern's stomach -- he's eaten squirrel brains and cow's urine, after all. But apparently the same can't be said about his tolerance for food shows on television.

The host of Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods" stopped by HuffPost Live on Monday afternoon to discuss everything from adventurous eaters to Paula Deen's new butter line, but he really made a splash when he called "99 percent" of food shows "crap."

He cites non-expert hosts as a major pet peeve: "I don't like fake experts. Hosts who have no expertise within their genre." He's also apparently tired of the "talking-head-behind-the-cutting-board" style of cooking shows: "I don't want to do yet another grilling special and tell you how to make pork chops. That bores the pants off of me." Zimmern wouldn't name names, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out which shows he's not likely a fan of.

Check out the clip in the video above and let us know what you think in the comments below.