Andrew Zimmern Cooks Up Bizarre Foods For Reluctant 'Today Show' Hosts Amy Robach And Lester Holt

Andrew Zimmern stopped by the "Today Show" on Saturday, January 21 to promote the new season of his show, "Bizarre Foods America", airing Monday, January 23 at 10 p.m. ET. Unlike past seasons, this season takes place solely in the U.S., to explore the food culture in our own backyards, so to speak.

In the segment below, Zimmern introduces the "benign" turtle to a particular squeamish Amy Robach, co-anchor for the Saturday "Today Show" along with Lester Holt. He then prepares a geoduck, as Robach continues to squirm. But when Zimmern shows a braised raccoon, she really loses it. Although she eventually tries a very small piece of the meat (though she and Holt avoid the stuffed pig stomach), her reaction proves exactly why this is great timing for Zimmern's show to air. Hopefully, as a result of this season, people won't be so scared to try unfamiliar foods, and will be able to learn to embrace the bizarre.

Watch the squirming below: