Andrew Zimmern Heads To Los Angeles For New Season Of 'Bizarre Foods' (VIDEO)

Andrew Zimmern is back with a fourth season of Bizarre Food America and one of his first stops on the road is Los Angeles. While of course Zimmern finds some off-the-beaten-path delicacies, such as pig head tamales at a food truck in Watts and steamed chicken embryo in Long Beach, he also discovers some foods that might be a bit more palatable to the average eater. Zimmern heads to Red Medicine (in the news fairly recently thanks to the Twitter-shaming of no-shows) for a taste of L.A.'s fine dining options.

Chef Jordan Kahn develops menus based on his foraging finds. Zimmern samples a stunning plate with snap peas, tofu custard and a coconut water mint vinaigrette.

"Trying to create food this clean is a challenge of challenges," says Zimmern.

Then, he moves on to a dessert with sorrel curd, fennel fronds and roasted pear skin bark.

"If I didn't have two restaurants of my own, I'd come work here," says chef Vinny Dotolo, who joined Zimmern for the meal.

Season 4 of Bizarre Foods America premieres July 1 on the Travel Channel at 9 p.m. EST/PST.

Take a look at the clip above.



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