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Andrew Zimmern's Valentine's Day Recipe Suggestions Aren't What You'd Expect

You won't be finding any seal flippers on this menu.

Valentine's Day is upon us: do you know what you're cooking yet? Since we at HuffPost Taste strongly suggest you stay in and cook instead of dining out on Valentine's Day, we've been collecting some awesome recipe ideas for you to cook for or with your special someone. Whether you want to woo your Valentine with something difficult or opt for something deceptively easy and impressive, we've got you covered. And you'll likely need an adult beverage or two, so we've got ideas for you in that department as well.

One unexpected place we found inspiration this year is in the mind of chef Andrew Zimmern, best known for his TV show "Bizarre Foods." Don't fret: Even though Zimmern travels the globe eating food like chicken-fried seal flippers and ancient bog butter, his Valentine's Day recipe suggestions are actually quite tame. What's more, they're completely approachable -- a trait we love to see in recipes that come from big-name chefs.

"Because I’m on the road two-thirds of the year, I’ll jump at any opportunity to have a romantic evening at home with my wife," the chef said. "The formula for my ideal date night? Gorgeous flowers, a decadent homemade meal (what’s Valentine’s Day without red meat and dark chocolate?) and a good food movie."

That's an approach to Valentine's Day that we can stand behind.

Zimmern doesn't just offer up recipe ideas, but also explains the impetus behind each dish.

Montauk Scallop and Oyster Pan Roast

Check out the recipes below to see what Zimmern suggests you try this Valentine's Day.

Mussels Fra Diavolo
Madeleine HIll
"It’s no secret that I adore mussels. This is one of the best. Simple and elegant, mussels fra diavolo is a classic dish that is best served with lots of crusty bread for dipping."Get the Mussels Fra Diavolo recipe from Andrew Zimmern
Herbed Shrimp Capellini With Spicy Bread Crumbs
Madeleine Hill
"Shrimp. Garlic. Pasta. Herbs. Who wouldn't love this recipe?"Get the Herbed Shrimp Capellini With Spicy Bread Crumbs recipe from Andrew Zimmern
Pasta With Braised Pork, Red Wine And Pancetta
"I developed this pasta dish about 15 years ago for some classes I was teaching in St. Paul, and I met my wife the night I first taught this Italian classic to my students. I hope it works out as well for you."Get the Pasta With Braised Pork, Red Wine And Pancetta recipe from Andrew Zimmern
Poached Salmon With No-Fail Hollandaise
Stephanie Meyer
"A simple, elegant meal idea for brunch or dinner: poached salmon with no-fail hollandaise."Get the Poached Salmon With No-Fail Hollandaise recipe from Andrew Zimmern
Seattle Oyster Pan Roast
Madeleine Hill
"I can’t get enough of this classic oyster pan roast that marries an oceanic, briny intensity with decadent creaminess."Get the Seattle Oyster Pan Roast recipe from Andrew Zimmern
Crème Brûlée
Stephanie Meyer
"I made crème brûlée for dessert the first time I cooked for my wife when we had just started dating, and it worked out perfectly in every way."Get the Crème Brûlée recipe from from Andrew Zimmern
Chocolate Pot de Crème
Madeleine Hill
"This sensuous Chocolate Pot de Crème is super easy to make at home."Get the Chocolate Pot de Crème recipe from Andrew Zimmern

For more recipe ideas from Zimmern, check out his Valentine's Day Pinterest board:

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