These Photos Of Androgynous Stunners Will Change The Way You Perceive Beauty

While celebrities including Grace Jones, David Bowie, Prince and Tilda Swinton are widely praised for their androgynous styles, individuals who live in the "real" world can face ridicule for their gender-blurring (and sometimes gender-erasing) fashion and beauty choices.

Even though androgynous model Rain Dove faces this criticism on a daily basis, her outlook is inspiring. "Not everyone will see your beauty and not everyone will find you attractive or believe you are worthy of their clothing or publications," Dove told The Huffington Post. "You have to be satisfied with just being authentically yourself at the end of the day."

For examples of #androgynousbeauty, we asked members of the HuffPost Lifestyle and Gay Voices' Instagram and Twitter communities to send us photos that demonstrate how their styles shift traditional perceptions of gender roles. See some of the most incredible images below.

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