App Developers Bemoan Fragmented Android Platform


Baird senior analyst William Powers, has released a survey of 250 working developers that highlights growing concerns about the Android platform.

Fortune originally reported the survey's results, which found Android to be the platform of choice among app developers. Indeed, 71 percent of developers worked on Android, while 62 percent worked on Apple. Powers's data also shows that other platforms, such as RIM's BlackBerry OS or Nokia Symbian, drew fewer than 27 percent of developers.

That said, not all developers were singing Android's praises. Many took issue with the platform's "fragmentation" among many different devices, a criticism that Apple's Steve Jobs has leveled against Google's mobile OS.

According to the survey, only 14 percent of developers were fine with Android's perceived fragmentation. Of the 86 percent who took issue, 24 percent thought it was a "huge problem," and another 33 percent said it was a "significant problem."

Android's various app stores were also a point of dispute. "Generally," Baird said, according to Forbes, "developers seem to prefer a unified, single store experience like Apple's App Store."

Developers ranked iOS as an easier platform to develop for than Android, and they also said that Apple developers were more likely to be paid.

These may be a few of the reasons that Google has begun to rein-in its open-source code.

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