Android Is The 'Most Wanted' Smartphone: Nielsen

What a difference a year makes: a new survey showed that Android phones are the most wanted smartphone in the U.S., overtaking the previously more desirable iPhones.

Of consumers planning to buy a smartphone, 31 percent prefer phones with the Android OS, according to Nielsen. Apple's iOS came in second at 30 percent, trailed by RIM Blackberry at 11 percent.

But last year, Apple took first with 33 percent of the vote, followed by now-champ Android with 26 percent. In case you thought it was just talk, sales also show Android phones beating iPhone sales. Half of the people surveyed in March 2011 who had purchased a phone over the past six months bought an Android phone, while only a quarter of the same group bought iPhones.

Big picture: Android phones are 37 percent of the overall installed base of smartphones, while Apple iOS only has 27 percent, and Blackberry, in last, 22 percent. A report by comScore also showed Android's market share zooming past the iPhone's.