Andromeda Raheem is your Ambitious Women's Empowerment Expert


  Andromeda Raheem is an Empowerment Coach, Author, Social Media Consultant, Speaker, Blogger, and the Founder of Women By Choice. Andromeda founded Women By Choice out of her deep desire to see women united and empowered. Although Andromeda wears many hats and has multiple talents, her first passion is writing. She uses her gifted way with words to positively impact the lives of women around the world daily by posting inspirational and empowering messages via social media. Within 2 years, Andromeda has been successful in building a community of over 113,000 women on Instagram and Facebook combined, including well-known and influential names in the entertainment industry. When she’s not using the platforms that she authentically built to uplift women and promote women-owned businesses, Andromeda teaches online empowerment courses, hosts social and networking events, and speaks at events around the country all for the purpose of empowering women to be their best selves and live their best lives. Andromeda’s mission and purpose in life is to break down barriers and bring women together. She encourages women to collaborate instead of compete through the Women By Choice Network, a nationwide network that promotes support and sisterhood amongst women. Andromeda is guided and motivated by her belief that “When Women Support Women We ALL Win!” 


   As a fellow women’s empowerment coach, I stand with Andromeda and her passionate belief that cultivating sisterhood is a major key for growth within women. As we continue to highlight The Audacity of an Ambitious Woman it’s important to note that ambitious women of virtue understand and live by the truth that a candle doesn’t lose any of its shine by lighting another candle. By continuing to develop a culture that doesn’t reduce women to small ambition out of fear of offending or intimidating men and other women. We must embrace a world where women are encouraged to shine bright without being accused of self-righteousness and self-loathing.

 I received the distinct honor of sitting down with Andromeda where she dropped major jewels and shared her heart, her vision and intent to inspire and empower women to overcome insecurities, identify their true selves and break free of the societal restraints that perpetuate negative behaviors and attitudes among women.

  Andromeda’s Women by Choice Network, which she excitedly refers to as her labor of love has impacted hundreds of thousands of women all around the world. The profound message behind her mission to break down barriers that block sisterhood is to teach women that empowerment is a choice. Andromeda states so eloquently that women who desire to be empowered must make a choice every day to be her best self. She must choose to heal and not carry around hurt from past relationships and experiences of brokenness, an empowered woman makes a choice to take accountability for her own success, growth and happiness.


 Andromeda teaches a very powerful empowerment course that is very popular amongst women who understand the gift of growth and authentic success that women stand to gain when they learn to support, encourage, uplift, celebrate and show genuine compassion for one another.

 Andromeda shares that the root issue that causes conflict among women is an underlying current of personal insecurity. 

I posed the question, “ How does one know if they are operating out of insecurity?

....and that’s when Andromeda began to drop knowledge for her fellow sisters.

here are a few indicators that you may be a little insecure and not embracing the principles of true sisterhood.

1. You don’t clap when your friends WIN.

2. You feel sad, angry or inadequate when people around you are having a winning moment.

3. You don’t show up to celebrate for others.

4. When someone else WINS you plot on how you can upstage their success.

Andromeda want’s women to know that feelings of insecurity are normal, after all we are human, but our super power lies within the CHOICE we make to not act on negative feelings. Instead of becoming envious of someone else’s success, one should become inspired and understand that they can win too!


Learn more about Andromeda’s 30 Days to becoming an empowered woman course.  Where Andromeda encourages women to stop comparing themselves to other women; to develop a strong sense of self love, to be confident, and to search within in order to gain clarity and discover purpose.

Andromeda leaves us with her personal mantra, “Being a woman is more than just about age. It’s about making the choice to be empowered, confident, accountable and responsible for your own happiness and success”

Be sure to follow her and stay empowered.

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