Amy McGrath Attacked For Being A Feminist In New Ad

Rep. Andy Barr (R-Ky.) goes after his Democratic challenger for being pro-choice and voting for President Barack Obama.

Rep. Andy Barr (R-Ky.) is out with his first attack ad against Democrat Amy McGrath, saying she’s too liberal to represent the 6th District because she is ... a feminist.

The ad asks, “Who is Amy McGrath?” and puts up clips of her saying, “Hell yeah, I’m a feminist.” She also says she’s progressive, pro-choice, voted for President Barack Obama and doesn’t think building a wall to slow undocumented immigration is a good idea.

In other words, they’re positions that make her a fairly standard Democratic woman. In fact, in this cycle, with a huge mobilization of women in politics, it would be surprising if a female Democratic candidate didn’t consider herself a feminist.

The Lexington Herald-Leader notes that it’s unusual for the Barr campaign to go negative so soon, in early August, meaning the congressman may be getting nervous about his chances in November. Democrats are targeting the seat as a possible pick-up, and it’s expected to be a tight race.

On Twitter, McGrath shot back by referencing her experience as a Marine fighter pilot.

McGrath’s candidacy is emblematic of this election cycle: She’s a political newcomer with stellar credentials (she was the first woman in the Marines to ever fly an F-18 fighter jet in combat) who is getting involved in the age of President Donald Trump.

Although McGrath has said she’s pro-choice, she has kept some distance from groups like NARAL and EMILY’s List, which both support abortion rights.

Correction: This piece originally stated Barr and McGrath are running in the 4th district. They are running in the 6th.

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