Andy Barr, Kentucky Congressional Candidate, Uses Own Baby On Abortion Mailer

GOP Candidate Uses Own Baby On Abortion Mailer

A Republican congressional candidate in Kentucky has used a picture of his own baby daughter on a abortion-related campaign mailer.

Andy Barr, a Kentucky attorney who narrowly lost to Rep. Ben Chandler (D-Ky.) in the 2010 contest, uses the photo of his child throughout the 4-page piece of campaign literature, accusing Chandler -- who has a mixed record on abortion issues -- of being a "pro-abortion extremist."

In the mailer, Barr seems to suggest that Chandler would somehow endanger his daughter's life.

"Who'll be on her side?" the mailer says next to a picture of the adorable baby.

The piece also notes some of Chandler votes that anti-abortion rights groups opposed, and says Chandler "has a 0% rating with National Right to Life," though the group has rated Chandler more favorably in the past.

Chandler beat Barr by a litte more than 600 votes in the last race. As of the most recent reported polls, Chandler had a lead in the current race.

Barr's campaign could not immediately be reached for comment.

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