Andy Bernard's Best Musical Moments On 'The Office' (VIDEOS)

Andy Bernard's Best Musical Moments On 'The Office' (VIDEOS)

Since he joined the cast of "The Office" in 2006, Ed Helms' character Andy Bernard has been well-known to break into song at any appropriate (or inappropriate) moment. The "Nard-Dog" was a member of a cappalla group Here Comes Treble at Cornell University ("ever heard of it?"), and doesn't let his Dunder-Mifflin co-workers forget. Whether he's trying to serenade a lady, battle with Dwight, or simply provide some merriment to the office, Andy will treat them vocal stylings at any given moment -- often with banjo accompaniment. We searched up and down to find Andy's funniest songs from "The Office," with the exception of his song from Michael Scott's roast, which we're super bummed is not online. Catch the season seven premiere of tonight at 9/8 central, and don't forget to vote for your favorite Nard-Dog tune!

Andy Bernard

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