Andy Boyle Live-Tweets Burger King Breakup

Live-Tweeting A Lovers' Spat: OK Or REALLY Uncool?

Celebrity divorces have long been tabloid fodder (think Kim Kardashian), but what happens when an everyday couple finds their marital troubles broadcast all over the Internet?

That's what happened Monday when Boston Globe web developer Andy Boyle live-tweeted a couple's breakup in a Boston Burger King, complete with photos and video. The episode started innocently enough:

Boyle then continued with the drama-filled play-by-play, including the cause of the fight:

The argument's pinnacle:

And the resolution:

This isn't the first time someone has live-tweeted a couple's presumed private moment. In March, comedian Donald Glover tweeted a couple having sex at a Bank of America ATM, including photos.

Which brings us to the question -- is it okay to document a breakup, or is it an invasion of privacy? Let us know on Twitter (hashtag #BurgerKingBreakup) and in the comments.