Andy Cohen Calls On Gay Men To Stay Safe In Urgent Monkeypox PSA

Cohen called the federal response to the outbreak "abysmal" on "Watch What Happens Live!"

Andy Cohen is asking his “gay brothers” to take the monkeypox outbreak seriously as health emergencies related to the disease spread across the country.

Cohen began his message noting New York City’s declaration this week of monkeypox as a public health emergency. New York state, California, Illinois and some other cities also have declared emergencies to respond to an outbreak the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says includes over 5,800 cases since May.

The Biden administration has yet to declare the virus a public health emergency.

Cohen called the federal response “abysmal” and said he hoped New York City’s executive order would increase the distribution of monkeypox vaccines.

A majority of cases have impacted men who have sex with men, although the CDC notes monkeypox can also be spread by touching objects used by someone who has symptoms or by prolonged facial contact.

Cohen, who is gay, asked gay men to take monkeypox seriously.

“Be aware, get vaccinated if you can and please — I know it’s summer we all have COVID fatigue — be safe and don’t take unnecessary risks.”

You can watch the full PSA clip below.

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