Andy Cohen Reveals Anderson Cooper As 'Gay Shark' In BravoCon Surprise

Gay Shark, a fixture on Cohen’s "Watch What Happens Live" program, showed a crowd this week that a familiar face was inside the costume.

Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen called on Gay Shark, a finned fixture on his program, to reveal its identity Friday — and the result delighted his BravoCon audience.

Cohen helped unmask the costumed character during “Andy’s Legends Ball,” an event at the New York City convention.

Gay Shark has appeared several times on Cohen’s show over the years, breaking out in dance moves and taking part in runway walks.

Cohen, who told Gay Shark “off with your head” during this week’s event, watched as character revealed itself to be played by CNN anchor and New Year’s Eve coverage co-host Anderson Cooper.

Cooper, who shrugged in the costume after the reveal, later busted a dance move in the shark suit.

“You’re going to make me pay for this on New Year’s Eve, aren’t you?” Cohen asked his friend Cooper.

“I am, yeah,” the CNN anchor replied.

Cooper later remarked that the costume made him hot and that he was “completely naked” inside the suit.

You can watch more from the Gay Shark reveal here.

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