Andy Cohen Spends Hurricane Sandy Alone On 'Watch What Happens: Live,' Was He Drunk?

Andy Cohen Spends Hurricane Sandy Alone On 'WWHL'

While many people along the East Coast were hunkered down to wait out Hurricane Sandy, Andy Cohen was with them in spirit on "Watch What Happens: Live." With no guest, he was left to entertain himself and his audience, which he did by showing up in pajamas, munching on popcorn and replaying some of his favorite clips from the show.

He did take the time to chat with the viewers, so it wasn't just Cohen talking to himself the entire time. During that bit, he figured out what his "Real Housewives" intro line would be.

"I may be a man, but I fight like a girl!" he declared.

Cohen was certainly having a good time, leading some fans online to wonder if he was perhaps a little drunk during the show. It's certainly possible, considering he Tweeted before the show that the forecast for the night was "toasty and boozy."

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