Andy Cohen Explains How Anderson Cooper Banned The Kardashians From His Daytime Show (VIDEO)

It's been a rough week for Khloe Kardashian. She's been ensnared in a paternity controversy after Robert Kardashian's ex-wife claimed that she might not actually be a Kardashian. And now comes the ultimate insult: she and her family have been banned from Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show "Anderson." At least, that's what Cooper told "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen during a game of "Plead the 5th" on his show Sunday night.

Cohen stopped by "CBS Morning" (7 a.m. EST on CBS) on Thursday to tell the story of how Cooper barred the Kardashians. While playing the game, Cohen presents his guests with three questions, and they can only choose to abstain from answering one. When Cohen forced Cooper to choose one guest he'd ban from his show forever, he chose the entire Kardashian clan. Adding insult to injury, it was minutes after Khloe had tweeted how much she loved the silver-haired newsman. It's probably best to keep in mind that later in the segment, Cooper demonstrated how to use a Shake-Weight, so it's quite possible that this "ban" was all in jest. Only time will tell.

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