Andy Cohen Book Worth More Than Pippa Middleton's

Pippa Middleton stole the show at her sister's royal wedding with her perfect bottom, and Andy Cohen gave the world the "Real Housewives" franchise on which the majority of the casts behave like asses. So who is getting paid more to write a first book? It looks like Bravo royalty trumps actual royalty.

British newspapers are reporting that Pippa has struck a 400,000 pound ($622,000) deal with British publisher Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin, to write a book titled How to Be the Perfect Party Hostess. The guide will be released next Christmas so as not to upstage the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration in the summer.

Meanwhile, the Bravo executive -- who gave himself his own show -- has signed a book deal with publisher Henry Holt for a reported $1 million to pen his memoir, to be released next year.

"It's a sad, sad day when a book about a TV executive gets a bigger advance than [one by] a British royal in-law," a major US publisher told me. "So many of the Housewives have produced flop books. The only ones that sell are diet and food books. People want to learn how to do something, not listen to a self-absorbed TV personality telling us about their real lives."

Which is exactly what Pippa will be doing. Her book will be a how-to guide with recipes and advice on planing the perfect party. And it won't be a stretch: Pippa still works for Party Pieces, her parents' event supplies company.

Cohen isn't only a hot commodity in the publishing world. At Tuesday evening's Unicef Snowflake Ball, Cohen hosted the event and auctioned off two tickets to a taping of his show, "Watch What Happens," to the tune of $30,000. Uma Thurman was reportedly a major contender for the prize, bidding up the loot.

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