Shady Andy Cohen Pulls An 'I Don't Know Her' When Asked About Kathy Griffin

Mariah Carey would be so proud.

Andy Cohen knows who Kathy Griffin is. 

For years, they worked together on the same network. He’s welcomed her as a guest on his late-night show a handful of times and she even pops up in his latest book, Superficial, every few hundred pages. 

But when TMZ caught up with Cohen outside Los Angeles International Airport this week, he took a page out of Mariah Carey’s shade diary and pulled an “I don’t know her.”

Cohen was recently tapped to replace Griffin on CNN’s New Years Eve special with Anderson Cooper after the comedian’s now infamous photo of herself holding a fake, bloodied Donald Trump head broke the internet. 

When asked if he ran the gig by Griffin or consulted her before accepting the job, he played dumb. 

“Who? Who?” he responded. “I don’t know her.” 

Happier times. 
Happier times. 

Cohen has hinted at tensions with Griffin for years, dissing her on “Watch What Happens Live” after her poorly received exit from “Fashion Police.” In Superficial, he also reveals that when the two saw each other at Joan Rivers’ memorial in 2014, he chose not to speak with her. 

“She’d been s**t talking me earlier this week,” he wrote. 

But perhaps Cohen’s final straw came when Griffin described his BFF Cooper as a “spineless heiress” in a no-holds-barred interview earlier this month. 

After the video of Cohen made the internet rounds, Griffin hit back on social media, writing that the late-night host “treated [her] like a dog” and is “deeply misogynistic.”

Someone get these two on a “Real Housewives” reunion couch immediately.

This post was updated to include Griffin’s response.



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