Andy Cohen Has The Juiciest Story About Taylor Swift Shading Katy Perry

“Katy who?” is the new "I don't know her."
Remember when? 
Remember when? 

Note to celebrities everywhere: do not say shady things in front of Andy Cohen. He will write about it in his book and you will become a walking “Plead the Fifth” game for the rest of eternity. 

In his new book Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries, the late-night host spills all the tea about the rumored feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, i.e. current the Hatfields and McCoys of pop music. 

Cohen apparently had the gall to approach Swift on her own turf at this year’s Met Gala, where Perry was also in attendance. When Cohen spotted Katy across the room, he encouraged the “1989” singer to sit down next to her frenemy and work things out. And he lived to tell the tale. 

“Why I felt I needed to get involved I will never know (maybe I was auditioning for her squad?) but I innocently said exactly the wrong thing to her, which was, ‘Your friend Katy is sitting in the corner and there’s plenty of room around her,’” he wrote, according to Entertainment Tonight

Swift has apparently been furiously studying the doctrine of Mariah Carey and replied, “Katy who?”

“I said, ‘Perry,’ at which point she clearly let me know that she’s the exact opposite of her friend,” Cohen continued.

According to the “Watch What Happens Live” host, Taylor asked him not to relay this delightful exchange to the millions of people watching his show ― neither Perry or Swift have ever been guests ― but she didn’t mention anything about including it in his book.

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