Whoever Made This Video Of Andy Griffith Talking To Sad Cam Newton ...

Thank you. Thank you so much.

As the dust settles around Super Bowl 50, the conversation around the contest itself has died down, while the dialogue surrounding Cam Newton’s abrupt departure from his postgame presser has, somehow, lived on.

In the past few days, some have claimed that the incident typifies Newton’s supposed immaturity. Others have declared that it was a natural response from a guy whose style of play is wholly predicated on his emotions. But now, thanks to a certain Panthers fan, we know what another one of the most famous Carolinians of all time likely would’ve said to the passionate, polarizing quarterback. Enter Andy Griffith. 

A Facebook user recently created a "Andy Griffith Show" mashup, superimposing Newton's head onto that of Sheriff Andy Taylor's son Opie during a scene in which father and son talk about the importance of sportsmanship after the young boy loses a competition. 

"I don’t think it was very nice of you to walk off the way you did."

"I didn’t win. I didn’t win."

"I know you didn’t win, but the important thing is you was in there trying, now that’s what’s important."

"They don’t give you no medal for trying."

"I know that, I know they don’t, and it’s nice to win something, it’s real nice to win something. But it’s more important to know how not to win something."

"I know how to do that real good."

Newton may have received “no medal for trying” during Super Bowl 50, but he did receive MVP honors for his season-long efforts. Maybe now, finally, we can all stop focusing on his emotional press conference and can remember, instead, the high-flying heroics with which he wowed Carolinian fans week in and week out all year long.


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