Andy Murray Reminds The World That Women Play And Slay Tennis, Too

He did it with seven simple words.

Yes, women are capable of tennis greatness, too, and Andy Murray won’t let anyone forget it.

The U.K. tennis star was interviewed by the BBC after grabbing the gold at the men’s singles final at the Rio Olympics Sunday. He defeated Argentina’s Juan Martín del Potro to nab the top spot.

When BBC reporter John Inverdale congratulated Murray for being the first “person” to win two Olympic tennis golds, Murray made sure to set him straight.

Yes, that’s right. While Murray did win two Olympic singles medals back-to-back, Venus and Serena Williams have both won four Olympic golds for their dominance in the sport.

Don’t you forget it.

LUIS ACOSTA via Getty Images

Murray earned the praise of lawmakers and J.K. Rowling alike.

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