Andy Rooney's College Roommate Bob Ruthman Nearly Dies At His Memorial (UPDATE)

Note: this post has been updated to reflect TMZ'S correction of its reporting.

Andy Rooney's college roommate and lifelong friend had a heart attack and was pronounced dead at the legend's memorial service before being revived by paramedics, TMZ reported Wednesday. The site initially said that the roommate, Bob Ruthman, had died, but later updated its reporting.

Rooney, who became iconic for his "60 Minutes" essays, died at 92 on Saturday morning. On Wednesday, a memorial service was held for him at the exclusive Century Club in New York.

Ruthman, attended Colgate University with Rooney in the 1930s and was lifelong friends with the CBS newsman. He is mentioned in one of Rooney's "60 Minutes" essays and also gave a blurb for one of his books. A 2009 article identified him as a writer.

TMZ reported that Ruthman went to the restroom during the memorial service. There, he suffered a heart attack, and his son announced that he had died. However, paramedics were able to revive him.



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