Andy Samberg Calls Out Hollywood Sexism, Racism In Emmys Monologue

“Racism is over. Don’t fact check that.”

Andy Samberg used his opening monologue at Sunday's Emmys to pointedly -- and repeatedly -- remark on Hollywood's persistent sexism and racism.

"The big story this year, of course, is diversity. This is the most diverse group of nominees in Emmy history, so congratulations Hollywood. You did it. Yeah, racism is over. Don't fact check that," the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star quipped.

“Of course, given our history being more diverse than ever isn’t always saying that much," he continued. "I mean, I bet on the day of Jackie Robinson’s first game the baseball commissioner was like, ‘This year’s Brooklyn Dodgers are more diverse than ever in history. You know? It’s good.’ It’s probably what he said.”

“The wage gap between men and woman hired for major roles in Hollywood is still an issue," Samberg added. "Wait, I’m sorry I misread that. The age gap between men and woman hired for major roles in Hollywood is still an issue. Wait, I’m sorry I misread it again. It’s both! Still both. So crappy on two fronts.”

It was Samberg's first time hosting a major TV event, and the "SNL" also noted in a musical number leading up to the monologue that he was qualified to host the show because he has "watched every damn show ... and I'm white."

Jokes making fun of the tired trope of women not being funny? Also, check.

"I gotta say, Amy Schumer is really, really funny. You know, for a person," he joked.

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Samberg specifically called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, too. "Well, I've gotta say, sure, Donald Trump seems racist [prolonged pause] ... what else?" A number of other, uh, controversial men got similar treatment.

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