Andy Samberg Is Hilarious Talking About Being A New Dad

"I suddenly was gripped with the urge to buy those Steph Curry nurse shoes.”
09/28/2017 11:36am ET

Andy Samberg is totally embracing fatherhood.

The comedian and his wife, Joanna Newsom, welcomed their first child ― a baby girl ― a rep confirmed in August. Her name and birth date are unknown.

While appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday, Samberg opened up about being a new dad. “I’m changed. I don’t know if you noticed, but I suddenly was gripped with the urge to buy those Steph Curry nurse shoes,” he joked.

“I was like, ‘I think I’m making them work, I think they look cool,’” he added. “And then I was like, ‘No, I’m a dad, I think they look good.’ I went outside and a bunch of dads were like, [pointing] ‘Yeah!’”

When asked if he thinks he’ll be a strict father, the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star declared that he’s “definitely not going to let her make slime.” Said Samberg, “It seems just disgusting and bad.”

Monica Schipper via Getty Images
Samberg and his wife, Joanna Newsom, have a baby daughter. 

“She’s still really young, but she has started just sitting there and making fart noises with her mouth and then laughing really hard. And I was like, ‘Oh, well, I’ve taught her everything I know,’” the new dad noted.

Samberg also spoke about his “wonderful” experience going back to work after taking care of an infant. “You get to work and everyone’s like ‘Can I get you anything? Do you want food? Do you want me to not pee on you?’” he joked.

The comedian also got real about the dramatic shift in what other parents told him before and after his daughter’s birth.

“It’s interesting, when your wife is pregnant and you’re expecting, everyone’s like, ‘It’s incredible. Get ready. It’s magic. It’s the most life-changing experience you’ll ever have. Brace yourself for heaven,’” he said.

“And then the second the baby comes, everyone’s like, ’Welcome to hell! Ha ha ha! You fool! You’re in a world of shit!” he added. “I feel like I’m gonna get kicked out for telling everyone without kids — it’s really hard. I’d look out.”

Samberg has been embracing his new dad status throughout his latest press tour.

He made a pretty epic entrance on “Conan” with his “baby girl” on Wednesday.

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