Andy Samberg Recuts 'That's My Boy' Trailer So It Doesn't Look Terrible (VIDEO)

It's a little jarring to see Andy Samberg go from his all-around hilarious and inventive work on Channel 101 and "SNL" to the lowbrow, groin-slamming Hollywood comedy "That's My Boy," which sees Samberg in his highest profile movie role yet as the son of fellow "SNL" alum Adam Sandler. But Samberg released his own version of the movie's trailer, and we're glad to see him stay true to his roots -- this version of the trailer is pretty damn funny.

This version of the trailer takes aim at the similarity between Samberg and Sandler's names, introducing their co-stars Adam Lambert, Shmandy Blanderberg, Ingmar Bergman, and pretty much every Jewish comedian in Hollywood.

"'That's My Boy,' the best f***ing movie ever. In theaters June 15. Go and see it, dickheads!" Now that's the Samberg we know and love.