Andy Samberg's Harvard Commencement Speech: 'RELAX Dude'

Andy Samburg To Harvard: 'RELAX, Dude'

SNL's Andy Samberg carries the tradition of Mother Theresa and Bill Clinton and address Harvard's class of 2012 on Class Day.

Harvard didn't offer Samberg an honorary degree (or tenure), but he carried on admirably to deliver a hilarious speech. Samberg highlighted varied crises around the world and noted Harvard's graduates are uniquely suited to adapt to them... considering its status as the world's elite university.

He said, "RELAX, dude! You just finished college at Harvard. You worked so hard. Trust me, you’re going to kill it."

Skip to 16:38 to hear him his Yale insults, and skip to 20:40 for Samberg's advice regarding what to do with boxes.

Barney Frank also addressed the class. Former Class Day speakers include Will Ferrell, Conan O'Brien and Sacha Baron Cohen.

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